Creating active link in Public notes (and using variables)

Dear Ninja,

  1. How can I create a clickable link in public notes?

  2. When I’m trying to use $-variables in public notes, they just disappear and show nothing. Is it how it should work?

  3. Is it possible to embed HTML(pay with …) button into invoice?
    At least a link with some variables like Total sum and order number.

Thank you very much!


  1. I believe a full http://… link will be clickable in some PDF viewers

  2. Which $ variable are you using?

  3. HTML is not supported, you may be able to use a link with query parameters

Thank you Hillel!

  1. It is kinda clickable in adobe reader browser-plugin, but since the link is too long and wraps onto second line, the second line misses out from the link. :frowning: Maybe there is some workaround?

  2. $amount shows as “$amount”, $number - doesn’t show up at all

  3. Can I add link only in designer? Or any way to add it when creating invoice?

  1. Found this:

  2. Those are the email variables, you can see the invoice variables by clicking ‘Help’ on Settings > Invoice Design > Customize

  3. See #1