Creating a credit nota


I’m confused in about how to create a credit nota.
I have an invoice that’s only paid partly. I want to credit the unpaid part.
For accounting I also need to have an official PDF to indicate the credit.

  1. I created a negative invoice. The title is marked as CREDIT NOTE correctly and the amount is negative. So that’s as expected. But both the negative invoice as the partly paid invoice are now still marked as unpaid? The Credit nota doesn’t get calculated with the payed one?

  2. I tested the Credit part of invoice ninja before and I saw you can use that amount as credits to mark an invoice as paid, but:
    a) I can’t generate a PDF of it.
    b) If I add a credit part for the same customer, the credit is applied 2 times/double and my credit nota is still marked as unpaid?


You need to mark the credit note as paid for it to affect the client’s balance.

The problem is not the client’s balance, but the old invoice that still is listed under Invoices overdue:

This is the credit note:
Credit nota

As you can see I cannot mark it as payed. This is because I tried adding payed with a negative “Apply credit” but then I removed this “payment” again.

This is the credit nota, where you can see it has the label PAYED:
Credit nota marked as payed

The old invoice, with a different ID then the credit nota, it still displayed under invoices OVER DUE and sending reminders:
Original invoice

Have you tried restoring the deleted payment?

Yes, then I do get a credit added under credit nota’s, but negative.
So when I go to the original invoice and try to add a “payment” I get the message that there are not enough credits to do this:

Error I receive when trying to mark the partial unpaid invoice as payed:

The credit nota that’s indeed now ended with balance 0:

A negative credit found under credit nota’s:

It sounds like you may be mixing up two separate features, credits and credit notes are not related in the app.

Then how do I solve this:

I create an invoice for EUR 1000. Customer cancels 50% and pays EUR 500.
Invoices stays open for EUR 500 with weekly reminders being send.

In Belgium I cannot edit the invoice and I need to create a credit nota so I can print and deliver this.

Maybe mark the invoice as archived so no more reminders are sent.

Wouldn’t it be logical if marking or even creating a credit nota (so a negative invoice) creates a credit that you can use to mark another invoice (partly) as paid? Or where do you use the credits for?

Or at least if you use credit to mark a credit nota as payed, that the amount is added as a positive credit instead of a negative credit?

In general credits are used by users in the US whereas users in Europe tend to use credit notes.

Agreed, we’re working on redesigning this in v2 of the app.