Create users with external ip/domain

I have a problem, when a user is created, and he sends it by email, the email arrives to the user with a button that redirects him to a link to confirm his password, but that link shows the local IP of the network, not of the domain that I have “Domain URL” configured in Client Portal, where it must be configured so that the created user can have access.
For example
user sees local link:
The external user should see the link:

thank you


Is APP_URL set correctly in the .env file?

any modification in this file?

It looks like you need to update APP_URL

We don’t recommend sharing the .env file, I suggest deleting the screenshot

Thanks for the suggestion, then I need to update the APP_URL, with the domain I need to show.

Would it only be that change?

Thank you very much, I have changed the APP_URL section to the domain I need, then I just restarted the server where it is installed and the created users can now see logging in externally from my domain.