Create template

I am testing your app (on right now. Still on on trial period, so have PRO version options.
I chose your app because you said that it is possible to customize template or create our own.
But in Customize panel, I can’t make changes as :

  • add text
  • create header
  • split the footer in 2 columns
  • apply different font on a specific part
    Do I miss something?
    Could you please help me on that?
    I know HTML, PHP and CSS (but not very well JS)
    Waiting help/reply on that issue, because if I can’t modify design, I will have to pick another app/software :frowning:
    Thanks and regards

All of those changes are possible however the customize tool can be difficult to use.

There’s more documentation of customizing the PDF here:

If you haven’t already I’d suggest watching this video:

Great then! So I could continue on your app :slight_smile:
Thanks for documentations.
I’m working on it…

Still, I don’t find how to transform a text in uppercase.
Could you please help on that?

Which text are you trying to convert to upper case?

You can ‘UC’ to the end of labels to have the converted.


Thanks. I tried to add UC at the end (as $entityType which has UC, and is on uppercase on your templates).

But not working.

I would like to have uppercase on :

And titles of the table (Item, Description, Quantity, etc…)

Sorry, ‘UC’ only works for labels.

I’d suggest customizing the labels on /settings/invoice_design#invoice_labels

We don’t support uppercasing the stacks ($accountDetails, …)

I finally decide to manually add these items, as you proposed.