Create payment without invoice


What is the point of entering a payment from a customer who does not have an invoice? I see that I can add a payment without having to select an invoice, which is a nice feature, but I cannot assign an amount to that payment. My customers must confirm quotes by paying a deposit. No invoice will be made for that advance payment. So it would be useful if I could link a payment to a quote, or simply link a payment to the customer, but with an amount and not just 0.


If you enable “Admin initiated payments” on Settings > Payment Settings you’ll be able to specify an amount for the invoice.

Found this, so i can enter a amount, but not link it to a quote.

Also, when i go to the client portal i see the payment amount, but it also says the amount remaining?
But that should say 0?

The app doesn’t support linking a payment to a quote.

That’s correct, the payment can be used to pay for future invoices by applying it.