Create new invoice - due date blank

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While creating new invoices in v4 the invoice due date would automatically set based on the payment terms (company, client etc.). In v5 this doesn’t seem to work; the due date stays blank - although set both on company and client settings.

Any thoughts on this?



Is the due date blank after the invoice has been saved?

Yes, it is indeed blank. Screenshots with state Draft -


I think difference is that in v4 the due date was set right away whereas in v5 the due date is set when the invoice is marked as sent.

@david did/should we add a setting to configure the behavior?

You are correct; due date is filled in once either mark sent or email invoice action.

Does that behavior work for you or do you need it set when first created?

I think it is fine as is; perhaps a note can be added to explain this to improve user experience.

Thank you for your prompt support.

I don’t see a need for change on this yet.