Create Invoice and set as paid over API

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We’re using Invoice Ninja for our main business and that works just fine. However, we also have a separate side gig that runs through a word-press-site that invokes a payment gateway directly. So for that, I only need the Invoice PDF generation capabilities of Invoice Ninja.
I tried setting the integration up, but I’m struggling with the following:
How can I look up if a contact exists if I don’t have the ID of a contact? I can only use the email address.
If the email address doesn’t exist, I want to create the contact; if it does exist, skip that step. I’m fine with that step.

Next, I want to create the invoice. I can do that, too - but how can I mark this invoice as already paid? I can’t figure that out for the live of me.

I’ve tried doing all of that through Integromat - but I can’t create a Payment there (I mean, I can… but I don’t get the amount from the invoice. So I can’t set the specific amount from the invoice to the Payment).

It feels rather cumbersome, so I feel like I’m missing something.

Any help would be appreciated.


With Zapier you can add a search step to only create the client if it doesn’t already exist and you can set the paid field for the invoice to create the invoice as paid.

I suggest contacting Integormat directly to see if these features are supported with their platform.

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Is there a way to search for a client over the API if I have only the email address?

Yes, you can search for a client by their email address