Create drop-down date in an invoice

I do a fair amount of labour work where there might be several days for a specific call, but they want all billable time on once invoice, with each line noted a date.
is it possible to have a drop down where you can select from a calendar (same as invoice and due dates are) beside the line items

It isn’t supported in the current version but this will be added in our next version, we hope to have an alpha release ready in a few months.

I would really like this feature as well (found during search of forum)

In the mean time, is there a way to add a date column to the invoice. I invoice monthly but need to record dates for products and services. I tried to figure out from manual about custom fields but cant get them to appear on invoice in settings

To add a column you’d need to add a custom product field on Settings > Invoice Settings and then add it to the invoice on Settings > Invoice Design > Product Fields

Thanks Hillel, I can see the changes in the Invoice Design view (and save) but when I add a new invoice, the date column is not there? Not sure what Option1 etc means in the custom product field?

Is the custom product field configured on Settings > Invoice Settings?