Create Custom Payment options

Hi I came across this page:
that says we can create custom manual payment options with information (bank information, cheque/check details) for the client under the Pay Now button. But I cannot seem to locate where we can set this.

I am under self-hosted.

If you go to Settings > Online Payments and click on “Add Gateway”, there should be three custom slots in the Gateway dropdown menu.

Just select one of those, and you should see the following dialogue boxes to enter the information you need.

Thank you! That was fast!!

@Titanfail once again thank you, we really appreciate your help in the forums!!

Eh, I just answer the easy stuff when I notice it. You guys do all the heavy lifting. But happy to help out. =)

Great ideal for the custom payment options ?. One question I have is that is it safe to show customers your banking information? I stumbled appon a company called Veem , would that be a safer route? I’ll make a separate post about this company. Online invoice user.