Create a generated clients account number V5

Hello Everyone,
I have been trying to create a customer account number, automatically generates a new account number every time I add a new client. This account number would then be seen in the admin area under client, client’s portal and on the invoice.

I have gone through the docs, only to get markup errors or missing text on invoice (never got it to work in admin or client portal)

This would be somewhat similar to ID-Number.

I have attached mockups of what I am trying to achieve.

BTW, for anyone wondering about V5 it now seems to be quite stable.

Appreciate any input



The app should automatically set the client’s number field to an auto-incremented value, is this different than that?

Hi hillel,
This would I believe be the same, but with the word Account before that number.


The ‘Account’ field looks like a custom field, I’m referring to the ‘Number’ field.

I could use the number field except trying to put the word Account before it, if possible

Maybe this will help:

I will check out this post, and see if this works for what I am trying to do, Thanks)