Create a deposit slip/report

I am coming from QuickBooks desktop as my billing software as of right now. In QB, I enter the payment against an invoice and then the next step is to create a “deposit” into the bank account with checks or whatever method the customer is paying with.

Is their some type of similar process that can be replicated with InvoiceNinja?
Example: I am entering checks of 5 separate customers that day. Is their a report or some type of way I can create a receipt that will tell me those 5 checks were for these customers and the total x amount. This would then match the amount that I would be putting into my bank account.

I still plan to use QB as my accounting software. My eventual goal is to export a CSV file with the customer name, invoice number, payment amount, etc and import that into my QB file.


Invoice Ninja is an invoicing app, not an accounting. There isn’t a concept of a general ledger or accounts.

You may be able to use the payment report to generate the CSV file.

I appreciate the quick response! I understand that very well, hence why would still be using QuickBooks as my accounting software. I guess I was more or less looking for some type of report that I could customize and generate as a CSV file. I will be looking into the payments report that you mentioned to see what the options are there.

Ok, sounds good. If there’s anything missing from the report let us know.