Country in German language not shown

Invoiceninja is set to German (locale de) and I’ve selected “Schweiz” in the company details:


However in the invoice design, the field value is not shown in the header:


I see that the translation for this string is completed for Switzerland, so I really don’t know why this is not showing up:

Any idea?

Thanks for the screenshots! Here are a few things to try:

  • Please check the invoice in the client portal, rather than the admin portal
  • Try removing country from the third column
  • Try changing the language and design

Thanks for the quick answer, @hillel (do you ever sleep?)
Actually it works like a charm, it’s just the Invoice Design preview which doesn’t show it up.
In customer portal it shows correctly up in German language “Schweiz”. In the admin interface the invoice says “Switzerland”. User language in UI is set to German but app language (in .env) is set to en. Hence the difference I guess.
But all good :slight_smile:

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