Counter-Reset doesn’t work

Hello all,

on 01.01.2022 IN 5.3.39 should reset the client-counter. Unfortunately this didn’t worked and all numbers are the same as before. The following settings are used:

  • Reset Counter: Annually
  • Next Reset: 01.01.2022 (this date is still shown)
  • Number Pattern: {$client_id_number}-{$client_counter}

Any ideas what went wrong or what setting I set wrong?
Thanks in advance!


@david any thoughts?

It resets when the first invoice is assigned. Did you make an invoice or do you look at the counter in the settings?

Since 01.01.2022, 12 recurring invoices were created automatically. Each of these invoices has the old counter status. The counter in the client settings shows although the old status.

I have a vague suspicion that only customers created before a certain date are affected. I have not been able to confirm or disprove this so far. Possibly because the counter reset was entered after that date?


Looking at the code it appears we only support resetting the counter at the company level. @hillel do we support counter resets at the client level also? i’d need to make some changes to support this.

Checking the v4 code I believe it’s the same

Seems like you are right. Thanks for your help. I will work around that.