Correcting an invoice


First time poster.

I created an invoice for some services for a client, sent the invoices and the client paid me.

I do not use any payment systems, the money gets transferred directly to my bank account or paid in cash.

Lets say the invoice i sent him was like this:
Service 1 is 2hrs = 40$
Service 2 is 3hrs = 60$

I want to do the following:

  1. Separate the services into 2 separate invoices
  2. Create a new invoice for Service 1
  3. Create a new invoice for Service 2

I already marked the invoice as paid. So how can i fix this without screwing up my revenue etc…


One option may be to delete the payment, modify/create the invoice and then re-apply the payment.

Thats simple enough.

Done and worked. Thanks :slight_smile: