Copy people on Invoice email?

Does anyone know of a work around to copy someone on the invoice email sent out to a customer? I need to be able to copy real estate agents on the invoices/receipts that are sent to the customer. For example John Smith (customer) and Jane Doe (agent), the invoice is sent to John Smith, but Jane needs to know when the invoice is paid, and the amount paid, in order to close on the new home John Smith is buying.

I see that if I add a 2nd client to the invoice (which would be Jane Doe in this case). Jane also receives the same copy of the email, but the 3 of us are not linked together on the email chain. So if an invoice is sent to John Smith (customer), and John replies to the email “thanks, I put a check in the mail this morning” Jane Doe (agent) will not see this reply.

Any help is very appreciated. Thank you.


This isn’t currently supported.

@david it may be worth adding a CC option in addition to the BCC option on Settings > Email Settings. By creating a group for each agent it could be a good solution.


I believe there is a framework issue with CC’s

BCCs work fine, however there is a well known issue with Swiftmailer I believe. When we move up to Laravel 9, we may be able to revisit this.

Thanks for the help, unfortunately I have no idea what a Swiftmailer is or a Laravel 9. But, how do you BCC someone on an invoice?

You can configure a BCC on Settings > Email Settings.

This will apply to all clients but you can override the setting at the group or client level.