Copy Invoice to PO?

Hey guys,

Frequently I create an invoice before a PO. Would be really nice to have a copy/paste function or ability to snag products, SKUs and quantities in a formatted fashion. This way I can just copy the invoice over to the PO and save a lot of time and reduce potential for errors.

Right now, when I copy and paste products from my invoice to a doc it looks like this:

Or this:
Screenshot 2022-01-30 123742

Ideally, I’m going for this (and I’d like to copy multiple items at a time and just paste them into an excel sheet):

Let me know if there are any available options to achieve this, or creative alternatives that I might look into. This would make an enormous positive impact on my business in regards to saving time and reducing errors from copying Invoices to Purchase Orders. Thanks in advanced!


If I’m understanding correctly maybe you could export the invoice item report to CSV to copy the data?

Great! Where can I find this option? When I go to settings > export, it seems the only option is to export the entire company backup?

Disregard, I found this option in the Reports section on the Web app. Thank you!