Converted quote does not redirect to invoice

In version 4, when a quote was approved the user was redirected to its converted invoice. In version 5 that redirect doesn’t happen. Instead the page reloads with the approved quote and a notice is shown saying ‘Only quotes with “Sent” status can be approved.’. There also is no button/CTA prompting the user to view the corresponding invoice like there was in version 4. Is there a setting that I’m missing to enable the behavior that used to happen in version 4.

I’m running v5.3.56-C76


If you convert the quote while viewing it you should see a link to view the new invoice. If you convert it while editing there isn’t currently a link but we can look into adding one.

@david are we able to adjust the app to allow converting draft quotes?

@hillel next release :rocket:

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I just updated to v5.3.57-C76. After approving the quote this is what I see:

So it’s still not redirecting to the corresponding invoice (auto generated), and there’s no CTA prompting the client to view the invoice.

I didn’t realize you were referring to the client portal, the change we’ve made is in the admin portal.

@david any thoughts?


We can make the redirect the default action if convert => invoice is enabled?

Thanks @david, I think that would be great!

Available in the next release.


Just want to report that the quote => invoice redirect is working great now. Thanks for addressing this!

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