Continuous PDF Downloads while using the app

Hi, my browser continuously download PDFs of the invoices or items that I am busy with during normal use. PDFs are just called pdf with no extension. I use Firefox on Linux.

From further investigation, it seems like it downloads it in an attempt to render a preview. Unfortunately, this makes editing invoices impossible.

Firefox v100.0 (64bit) on Manjaro Linux



It should help to enable the alternate PDF viewer on Settings > Device Settings.

It is doing this on the web version today too. Nearly drove me insane. I kept having to click back into each field multiple times in order to type. Generated 44 PDFs in the course of creating a 5 line invoice.

Great, I just disabled it at first which worked… But did test the alternative and it seems to be working. Thx

OK, so disabling Show PDF Preview should fix it?

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!

Note: the underlying problem is most likely due to a browser setting preventing the native renderer from showing the PDF. The alternate renderer is a workaround but the native renderer is a bit better.