Container web interface not starting

Hi all,

I’m unable to get the v5 docker image to do a correct clean install.
Database tables are being created, but I’m only getting empty responses on the web interface. Storage and public folder remain empty but are writeable from the container.


docker run -d \
-v /xxx/invoiceninja-test/public:/var/app/public:rw \
-v /xxx/invoiceninja-test/storage:/var/app/storage:rw \
-e APP_ENV='production' \
-e APP_DEBUG=1 \
-e APP_URL='http://xxx:9008' \
-e APP_KEY=base64:xxx \
-e DB_TYPE='mysql' \
-e DB_STRICT='false' \
-e DB_HOST='xxx:3307' \
-e DB_DATABASE='invoiceninja-test' \
-e DB_USERNAME='ninja-test' \
-e DB_PASSWORD='xxx' \
-p '9008:80' \
--name 'Ninja-Test' \

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



I’m not sure, you may want to try creating an issue here:

Thanks @Hillel!
Transferred to Github: Container web interface not starting · Issue #414 · invoiceninja/dockerfiles (


The .env variables are quite different between v4 and v5, i would suggest looking at the same env file in the docker repository and slot those in.