Contact person in offer and invoice

Does anyone still have the problem that the name from the saved contact data is not transferred?

As can be seen in the screenshot, the 1st saved person is always used. But not with the mail address, but only with first name and surname.

Which variables are you using in the email template?


other variables I do not know

You can click the blue question mark to the right of the subject field to see the full list.

Yeah. That’s for sure. I have not found any other variable.

Which variables are you looking for?

The preview only shows the first contact but if multiple emails are sent each one will be customized for the contact.

So that means

If I select the 2nd or 3rd contact and the preview shows the 1st contact, is the correct name still used?

It should, I’d suggest testing it…

The payment receipt was sent to the 1st (oldest) contact and not to the one to whom the offer or invoice was sent.

Since the employee no longer exists, the mail ran into emptiness.

My advice above was referring to the invoice email, not the payment email.

I’m still searching the forums, but this appears to be a similar problem I am having – the payment receipt email is going to only the 1st/oldest contact in the client’s contact list, and not to the person(s) selected by checkbox in the invoice. So the intended recipient never receives it.