Consulting Services Set Up Best Practices?

What is the best practice for setting up services to be billed to a project?

For example, the service is Education Consulting. I’m not clear on the best way to bill the service by time without having to manually type the name of that service over and over every time a new time block of work begins, or how to have the service separate from the task description.

Coming from Harvest where there is a very intuitive process for setting this up so please help me with any tips for your setup.


You can create a product called ‘Education Consulting’. When you invoice the task the description and quantity will be automatically set, you can the select the appropriate service from the product list.

Thanks. I tried that but I don’t see how to set an hour billing rate for a Product (Service), how to connect timed task entries to a Product (Service) or how to connect a Product(Service) to a specific project. Am I missing something there?

When creating the product you can set the cost which will be used as the rate on the invoice.

After you add the tasks to the invoice the product column will be blank, you can start typing to autocomplete the service.

Projects are designed to group tasks for a client, the app doesn’t support linking products to projects.

Ok, thank you. If I understand you correctly, IN may not meet my needs. I do want to group tasks, but in my existing set up (Harvest) a task seems to be treated quite differently. I can’t quite wrap my brain around how IN treats them yet.

Sorry, I’m not familiar with how Harvest works.

I suggest creating a test invoice to see if the app works for you. here are the general steps:

  • Create a product with a cost
  • Create a task with a duration
  • Invoice the task
  • Select the product on the invoice

I’ll play around a bit more. I’ve spent a few hours and am honestly stumped with how to create a set up similar to Harvest (or Zoho) or even my free little weird Mac app. Maybe just how my brain works but it’s been frustrating. Thanks for your help.