Consultations regardning Invoice Ninja scope and capabilities

Hi guys,

I wanted to test Invoice Ninja. I installed the Version 5 selfhosted solution using docker. But the configuration is huge.

I would like to pay for a call of 30 minutes, so you can let me know:

  • How to configure suscriptions.
  • Can the end-user suscribe himself to a suscription?
  • Can the Client portal show products for non-logged users ?
  • How complex is to implement a new Payment Gateway (Local Solution).
  • How complex is to implement external Invoice generation.
  • How much development does it require to add a new Currency ? (UF => Chilean local CLP index)
  • Can use split payments of an invoice ?
  • Can I add addons to a suscription ?
  • Does it support warranty payments ? (money is retained, until suscription ends)
  • etc.

Ideally, I wish to pay through UPwork portal for the 30 minutes consultation.