Consultations regardning Invoice Ninja scope and capabilities

Hi guys :wave:,

We wanted to test Invoice Ninja for our car suscription proyect. We installed Version 5 selfhosted. But the configuration is huge :pleading_face: :exploding_head:.

Where can we find Invoice Ninja specialists/developers ? We would like to implement several features, and it would be great to have an estimation on this features requirements:

  • Can we add custom currency (CLF) ?
  • How much would it cost (estimate) to add a new payment method. ?
  • How much would it cost (estimate) to replace the Invoice builder ? (In Chile, all Invoices should be created through an API from a registered Tax Partner)
  • For a suscription service, can the platform charge a prorate value considering the days left until the next billing period ?
  • Can all dashboard actions be executed through the API ?
  • What the are the CONS (disadvantages) of InvoiceNinja ? Weakness ? Any risks related ?
  • Does it support warranty payments ? (money is retained, until suscription ends)
  • etc.

Thanks you ! Regards from :chile:.

Hi :ninja: experts,

Hope to find someone interested for this job. Maybe the freelance community does not exists Invoice Ninja ?