Connection to integrately not working Invoice Ninja V5

Please can anyone advise the correct api and url settings to connect invoice ninja V5 to integrately. It work just fine with V4 but won’t connect with V5.


The API URL for v5 is

There’s info about the API changes here:

Thanks I’ll check it out.

Thanks but I am still getting the error. I add the api token and the url as you suggested.

I suggest reaching out to them directly for help, they may not yet support v5.

I already have, they are looking into the issue. Does zapier support V5?

Yes, here’s the link:

Thanks I will try them until Integrately get their act together.

Integrately don’t support. I am now trying to add with Zapier. I created a new api token and added that together with

I am now getting the error message.

Please can anyone help.

It looks like you’re using the v4 version of Zapier.

You need to click ‘Accept’ on this page and then when searching for Invoice Ninja scroll down to find the latest 5.x release.

No I’m definitely using V5 I have V4 working. Do you want screenshot of the api.? Ah it may be V5 in Zapier, I just searched for invoice ninja, so is there a doffing app icon in Napier?

Now changed to Zapier app and am still getting this error message. I used the same api key as before, is that OK or do I have to create a new one?

If you’re using the hosted platform make sure to leave the URL blank.

Ok thanks, I’ll try again.

Ok thanks that’s the connection sorted but as soon as I open the zap I get this error.

Not sure, maybe try creating a new zap?