Connecting to goverment API

Hello everyone

I just started experimenting with InvoiceNinja and so far I really love it. One major missing feature for me is a way, to connect it to a goverment api
What I mean by that in Hungary we have an API to submit invoices directly to the goverment, and many CRM software has integration with this, so it makes easier for the users.
Can somebody suggest resources to how to start writing an integration to Invoice Ninja, so it can be easily used in hungary?


Is this the PEPPOL system ( which is also used in a lot of European countries ?

I’m also curious if this implemented in InvoiceNinja or if it is somewhere on the roadmap.

There are open-source implementations available (Links to Software for Peppol Implementations - Peppol - Peppol) and hope it will be possible to be integrated in InvoiceNinja!

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