Connecting Square

Hi. Is there a simple set of instructions for integrating my existing Square setup with InvoiceNinja?
I see a few topics about this, but it seems like when people needed more help than just a link to the instructions at the Square Developer portal, those conversations didn’t continue. Hopefully I didn’t miss one where someone just gave the details.
I have never taken a computer class in my life (being in the unfortunate exact age group that didn’t have computers in highschool) so I keep getting stuck on these instructions.
I would really like if someone could give an exact description, since it doesn’t appear to take a few clicks and I have been reading background information for several hours and still can’t figure out what most of this actually means or what exactly I’m meant to do.
I didn’t actually realize that some literal coding type stuff would be required when we switched to this program so I’m a little taken aback. However, I did successfully set up a Wix website integrated with Google Business, Square, and a Facebook pixel, so I know that with clear, step-by-step instructions I am totally able to do it.
I just can’t find any instructions like that about this.
Send help please! :wink:

N.B. I’m pretty sure we’re using V5 at, if that helps. Although I can’t confirm because I can’t for the life of me find where that info should be.


We don’t have a guide available, you should just need to copy/paste your Square credentials.

Where are you getting stuck?

Well, I got my tiny neighbour to take a look, and now it apparently works? Not sure what I was doing wrong every single time for like 3 hours, but it’s better now, apparently. I am very confused, but thanks for answering!

Glad to hear it’s working now, thanks for the update!