Confused how "refund" of a payment works (doesn't show refund on invoice)

I’m really confused how marking a payment as refunded works and this is potentially a bug.

Here’s an example of a partial refund:

Create an invoice for $100.
Create a payment for $100.
Refund $50 of that payment. It says partially refunded.

The invoices shows Total is $100, paid to date is $50 and balance due is $0. If you were to look at this invoice, it makes no sense because nothing on the invoice indicates that a payment was refunded. It’s simply showing that the invoice is for $100, the client paid $50 and nothing else is owing.

If you do a full refund, the same thing happens. Invoice says $100, paid to date $0 (because it was refunded in full) and balance due $0. So you end up with an invoice for $100 that has no due balance but nothing is displayed on the invoice to show the refund took place?

Am I missing something here?

Refunds will reverse any payments applied and also reduce the paid to dates. There was a regression recently which wasn’t handling this if the invoice was archived, this has since been resolved.

Is there a way to show the refund took place on the invoice? As it looks, if a refund is issued and either the customer or myself looks at that invoice at a later date, it’s not obvious what happened because there is nothing to indicate the refund took place but also it shows that only $50 was paid when the invoice is for $100.