Confused by reports / Strange issue with payment numbers?

When running a payment report, I’m seeing two different counts and I don’t know what the second line is or why the counts are split up?

Is this a bug or what am I not understanding?

I’m also noticing that some of my payments have a number structure and others have random characters after them. What’s going on here?


I believe the first issue is from some payments not having a currency set, @david can check data fix this?

@david any thoughts on the second issue?

Why would the currency not be set for some payments and how can I even change them or check?

I can’t even see any currency information under any payments that have been made.

I also don’t see any way to even set the currency when making a payment. There is no option to choose aside from the “Convert Currency” option which I never use because my defaults have always been AUD.

I think there’s a bug somewhere that’s caused these issues.

Correct, I think it may be from a bug. The payment currency should automatically be set.

We can adjust the report to use the client/invoice currency to workaround it, we’ll include the change in the next release.

The payment number issue with the number followed by a set a characters would indicate at some stage your payment number counter has been reset backwards.

The system does a limited number of retries to increment the counter and to prevent locking the database in an infinite loop we bail out and create a number with a random string appended.

I haven’t touched or reset anything regarding the payment numbers so I believe this all occured on its own somehow.

Any idea how this might have happened or if I need to do anything on my end to prevent it?

I’d like to run some reports and as per the first screenshot and Hillels response that somehow some payments didn’t get their currencies applied.

What is your suggestion to rectify that issue as well? Can I correct the data somehow for now?

I can see two payment numbers for 106 there, so I think at some stage the counter has been reset.

Have you restored your data at some stage from a backup?

Nope. Besides, my entire VM gets backed up and I would restore the entire VM or virtual server and it’s files and databases if ever need be so that wouldn’t interupt the count. Is it possible this has occured due to a bug relating to deleted payments? I have done a lot of testing for IN so over time I’ve created invoices and payments then deleted both via the admin portal. Maybe something has happened there.

At any rate, what can I do to correct these counts?

Any suggestion would be great… :smiley: Is there an echo in here…
@hillel @david

In an upcoming release we’ll adjust the report which will correct the counts.

I guess not in 5.5.20…still the same :frowning:

Correct, it will be included with the next build of the admin portal. Not every release includes an update of the frontend.

Reports seems to have a few issues honestly.

Look at this payment that clearly is a Bank Transfer in the admin panel but when I export the report it shows as “type” in excel.

Have you sorted the data in Excel/do you see the same problem in the raw CSV file?

Yes, my mistake. The excel sorting put the “type” against that payment for some reason. Raw value is correct. I’ll await a future update to correct the payment counts :slight_smile: