Compnay banking details on invoice


I am working through all the options and wonder if there is a “proper” way to add banking details on to an invoice?

My requirement is that for some clients, I need to add our company banking details to the invoice so that the invoice can be paid by FastPay (in the UK) which is a kind of bank transfer. I see that I can add a custom footer but wonder if there is a setting somewhere I can add bank details so that they appear on the invoice? I would be looking to add the following information to invoices for several clients ideally, but not all clients:

  • the companys bank: e.g. Barclays
  • the company bank account Name: e.g. InvoiceNinjaSupplier Limited
  • the company sort code: e.g. 99.99.99
  • the company bank account number: 12345678


You may want to set the info as your default invoice terms.

If you don’t want to show the info for the particular client you can either manually override the terms when creating the invoice or create two separate companies with different invoice terms settings.

Thank you for the information.