Company logo on e-mail delivery


Is there a way to use the company logo configured on the group settings? when sending e-mails to the clients part of the group?



Thanks for pointing this out!

cc @david


I’ve double checked and this works as expected. You can add a logo to the group and then this logo will be showing on any client who is assigned to this group:

Please note that there is a priority order we check for in settings.

  1. Client Settings
  2. Group Settings
  3. Company Settings

Thank you for checking @david

I still don’t get it working? anything else I’m missing? the e-mail should contain the KrAS logo and not the SKiTEX blue logo.


Does the actual sent email contain the correct one? it may just be the preview that has an issue?

Yes the logo’s are not OK
below screenshot is from the emails


Thanks, I can see the issue. I have a fix ready for the actual email, and am still working to get the template preview to show the correct one also.