Company Logo does not show PDFs

An oldie but a goody-

After upgrading to latest, the links are broken to my company logo.

Logo does not appear on any pdfs.

I have reuploaded and it shows everywhere else it is supposed to, just not on PDFs.

I have set env LOCAL_DOWNLOAD=true and no change.
We are on a shared environment so I don’t have access to hosts file.


@david do you have any suggestions?

After the .env variable was updated did you update the cache using /update?secret=

That would be the only reason I can think of to cause this.

Still need to resolve this,
I cant get it to show here and it was working well before the upgrade.

I am not sure what you mean by this
“update the cache using /update?secret=”

When I updated the env it downloaded a copy of the invoice every time a typed a letter. I had 100 pdfs downloaded.

Where is this PDF script living and why is it unable to resolve a http request for an image?


@david can you suggest a way to debug this?

I dont mind rummaging through but I need some direction, I have limited programming knowledge but I can navigate files and find solutions.


Just curious, is there a reason you deleted your last post? I was really impressed by the results of ChatGPT.

The information, although useful and pretty complete, contained some factual errors, I did not want to throw anyone off, in addition, I found this thread:

Which had the same problem and a few solutions that I am working to test out right now.

Something about the configuration of our host is not allowing the PDF viewer window to resolve a https request.

Thanks for touching base, I love invoice ninja, I have configured over 60 clients who now use it and most of them white label licenses.

Hopefully I can get a proper work around for this very persistent issue.

I will let you know what works for us.

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snappdf rarely works on shared hosting. Does the hosted_ninja pdf generator work ok?

We pull the logo in from the local file system and inject it as a base64 encoded string into the design, so perhaps the system is unable to find the logo anymore? Have you tried re-uploading the logo to see if that resolves the issue?

It works but no logo.

even the signature will show but not the logo.

I think the only way to work out the issue here is to set the environment vartiable


then inspect the html that is generated in storage/logs/laravel.log to see if the logo is actually being injected into the design.