Company Info Partially Replaced By Clients Info on Invoice


I started using Invoice Ninja fairly recently, so it is still all new to me.

My current issue is for a specific client, when generating/previewing invoices, my company name and email gets replaced by theirs for that invoice. This does not replicate with a past test client, and also does not replicate with a new customer.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


It sounds like you may have overridden the company settings for this client. You’ll want to use the “Settings” option for the client to clear any values set on Settings > Company Details.

To adjust the client details you need to edit the client. The client settings can be used to override the company settings for a specific client or group, ie. to create sub-companies or support multiple languages.

Thank you, that solved it.

It wasn’t the most obvious that “Company Details” when in a clients setting page referred to my own and not the clients itself. Maybe it could be updated in a way to make this clearer :slight_smile:

Hope you have a good day