Company Details -> Quote Valid Until should be "xx days"

Currently it shows payment terms like “Net 10”, which doesn’t make sense since the quote valid date is a timespan, not a discount.


@david any thoughts?


This sounds like a UI issue?

The valid to will always resolve to a date?

@terryterrys-service can you please clarify where you’re referring to?

In Settings->Company Details → Defaults, second item from the top is “Quote Valid Until”.

The possible options are “Due On Receipt”, “Net 7”, “Net 14” etc.

I’m not sure how it’s handled once set. Maybe it all works out OK on the invoice, but it seems like it should be something like “xx days” since it’s not a discount, it’s an expiration.

It’s not causing any problems right now, but I’m just going through a new install and thought I’d mention it.

Thanks, I understand now