Columns in Views (Wrong/Dublicate/Missing content)

Hi @hillel,
I do a really hard testdrive with reallife workflow on the new and really forward thinking Invoice Ninja but I also find some unpolished corners around there. As they are:

Clients View (Feature Request: Task-Rate should be integrated in the Columns-List as they are in Task-Views):


Here are some Columns with duplicate/wrong Content. I have commented on the screenshot:

Can you replicate this issue, or is it possibly a setup failure?



Thanks for reporting these issues, some should be fixed in the latest release (ie, duration) but I’ll look into the rest.

Thanks again for the feedback!

I’ve added the task rate column to the client table and removed the duplicate client/project columns from the tasks table. For the rate field on the tasks table I believe you can use the “Calculated Rate” field to see that.

Hi @hillel,

updated to 5.1.12 v5-stable today and tested above mentioned issues:

Client View:

  • Task-Rate is not available.

Task View:

  • Rate is showing 0,00 € – although Client- and Project-Rates are defined, why? For this Calcuated Rate seems to work as intended: pulls Project-Rate over Clients-Rate which is perfect.
  • Client ID = Client but shoud be Client ID number defined via generated numbers
  • Project Column is still dupilcated but should be Project and Project Number via generated numbers
    Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-01 um 15.42.09
  • Time Log seems to display valid values now.

I assume these issues might be corrected in the dev. branch, and I was to early with feedback.

I think some are pending and some are unclear.

For task rate it will only show the rate on the task itself, you need to use calculated task rate to include the project/client/setting.

I think you want the client number field not the id field.

Hi @hillel,

I have got the task rate working – thank you very much for your explanation and your patience!

The other issues I will test with every new release as I plan not to go into production before beta is clear stable.

In the Task View a would expect this one (ID Number) – I use these 4 charakter wide unique Abbreviation of the clients name which combines to a project number like {$client_id_number}_{$client_counter}.

Results into unique Project numbers like:

Which hopefully – if @david agrees – show up in clients invoices as reference.

Thanks! Do you mean in the client table or the task table?

Hi @hillel, sorry for being unprecise: I mean the Task Table/View should have the Project number set via gerated numbers. This should help to identify single projects. As I have hundreds of “Flyer Tradeshow” but only one e.g. “TSRT_0002 Flyer Tradeshow”.

Understood, thanks!

To be added…

Hi @hillel,

I am very happy with the latest 5.1.26 stable and appreciate the huge amount of work you put into IN and the community communication. I still do in-depth-testing and wanted to to follow up the column name issues: I think everything is now fine except the project view.

I have same values in Client ID and Client column. Client ID I expect to be what is given in Client View column ID Number

Can you look into this again?

Awesome, glad to hear it!

This is a mistake, we’ll look into it.