Clunky UX from quote to invoice

Hey guys, nice work with InvoiceNinja. Just getting started with it but really like it so far. I have a recommendation that could reduce friction from quote to payment.

I’ve been doing tests, and I noticed that (in the client portal) when I hit the Approve quote button, the next page it brings me to is a summary of my quotes. It’s not at all obvious that I need to navigate to “Invoices” and then select payment.

How about after client hits approve, it automatically brings them to the invoices page, so they can immediately see that make payment button?

For now I have to include text in the quote terms - “Upon approval of quote, hit “Approve” button at top of screen and navigate to “Invoices” on sidebar to make deposit and get started!”

Anyways, thanks for the sweet invoicing software.


Thanks for the feedback, agreed.

@ben thoughts?

Thanks! I added this to the backlog :+1: