Client Statement Issue

The following is a view into the Client Portal of one of my clients.
(I have obfuscated real values to protect me and the innocent, but, except for black, same colors mean same values.)

First, lets look at the Invoices overview:

Now a look at their account Statement:

Note the invoice in the first section of the Statement. I’d expect R-2021-0010 here and a blue amount, not R-2021-0001 and the red amount. Funny enough, the Balance Due for this invoice correctly shows 0 and the total Balance Due correctly shows the blue amount.


@david any thoughts?


2021-0010 isn’t due yet so it would be excluded from the statement.

That’s why it isn’t in the aging overview at the bottom of the statement. But the issue is in the first section of the Statement and the show of R-2021-0001.


I’m checking in a fix for the issue where only a single invoice is present… in the next release all the invoices should be shown.