Client Specific Pricing for Products

Is there a way to have different prices for different Clients for the same product? We have many recurring clients with whom we have worked out special pricing for each of them for the same products.


If you’re using recurring invoices once you set the price in the invoice it would be set for that client for their future invoices.

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Thank you for your reply. However, we have regular clients but do not have recurring invoices at set intervals.

Another option may be to create duplicate product records with different pricing for each client.

Yes we could do that. But it is not be ideal and clients would see “Product X, Client Name”, which makes them doubtful that we are not giving them fair price.

Invoice ninja already has client portal. It would be great if we could set custom pricing for all the products to different client portals.

One option is to put the client name in the product key and hide the column from the invoice.

Feel to free to create an issue here to request the feature if it doesn’t already exist.

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I will try the product key and put a request for the feature. Thanks for your help.

does this feature work right now? We need the same feature…

Currently you’d need to create separate products for each client

this is very sad. In my Opinion this is a Important Thing for a Invoice Programm. Than we have to look for another Programm who have this feature.
With seperate products this is not possible because this destroy my Automatic process.
Thanks for your Replay