Client Self registration - Expected Results?

Just a question, say i have a client already created with a email address set. If that client then uses the registration page, should it link that “registration” to the existing client that i created?

Right now it appears to create a new client. Is that the expected result?

My thinking is i could have clients go through self registration, see the existing data i entered such as invoice i attached to the client i created and make a payment online. If that’s not how its designed, how can i have clients get to their client portal without typing the long url assigned to them, or clicking the link in the email?

Thanks for all the help! You guys rock!


@david any thoughts?


The system supports adding a client with the same email address multiple times, so the app is working correctly by creating a new account.

Gotcha, In my use case ive disabled self registration.

I found a service that creates short links (, i use automation to create a unique link for each client from ninja’s client portal link, then i can add that to the invoice. I have some clients that prefer paper invoice’s so that way atleast they have a shorter link if they want to pay online.

Thanks for all the help!

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