Client portal translation

Where can I translate client portal locally? I tried editing texts.php but it don’t update any string.


You can define custom translations in the app on Settings > Localization.

If you change the code you’ll lose the changes when you update the app.

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Hi does this work on admin panel? Because when i change etc.Recurring Invoices it doesn’t display my translation. Plus i cannot find Purchase Orders variable in texts.php

These changes affect the PDF and client portal but not the admin portal.

Can i change admin translation i any other way?

For the Flutter app you would need to rebuild it, it may be easier with the React app.

Ok thanks i maybe look this up later.
But when i changed password, email_addres and client_portal labels it doesn’t change the translation on login screen to the client portal.

I’m not sure this will work on the login screen since it defaults to English.

@david any thoughts?

if you pass the locale in to the query ie ?locale=de the page will translate automatically to that language. else we use the system default language.

The ?locale=pl parameter doesn’t work. Instead i need to use ?lang=pl. Can i set client portal link to always have ?lang parameter?


If your default language is pl, i believe if you set your country language to this, the client portal should default to this.