Client Portal Subdomain

I’m trying to configure the Client Portal.

The idea being that admin access is at and the client portal being at However, displays the same content as (the admin page) rather than the client login screen.

The client domain is set in Advance Settings > Client Portal > Domain URL as “”.

Both sub1 & sub2 are pointed at the same folder (/home/invoiceninja)

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


@david any thoughts?

The client portal isn’t controlled by the domain name as such, it is controlled by the route /client

So if you reach you’ll hit the client portal.

The app hasn’t been designed to allow root domain / access for the client portal unfortunately.

Okay, I can probably work around that with some rules here or there.

Secondary problem: Links within emails sent to clients still refer to sub1, is there any way to ensure they refer to sub2?


yes, this is a known issue, I have it on my backlog when i get around to this.