Client Portal Storage size


Have searched through the user guides but can’t find info on this.

What are the storage limits for the client portal? (e.g. 50GB, 100GB, 1TB?) Are there per client limits? What is the file size limit?


We do not have a strict limit on documents storage in the application, however it is always subject to “fair use”, to date we’ve never had to use this.

I would assume the maximum file size would be limited by the Cloudflare max upload, which I believe is 100mb.

I am subscribing to hosted. I run a small cabinet contracting service and I am starting to issue PO’s to my 3 contractors for the labor to install. I have turned on the document up feature for vendors so they can add pictures of the completed jobs. With modern mobile phones these pictures can add up over time. Is there a way to see how much storage my instance is using? Or archive/bulk download then after a few months or something. Because after the jobs are closed out and everyone is paid, they really are irrelevant.