Client portal: self-hosted vs demo | missing layout features?


I noticed a few differences between my self-hosted install of IN vs the public demo.

For instance, the login /password recovery page on the demo features a photo column on the left, which makes a nice, clean layout:

and on my server, there is only a black background with the elements off-centered - that looks a bit bland:

I could not find any setting that would allow to configure this page to add a custom image and get a layout like in the demo.

In the demo there is also a nice row of social icons at the bottom of the menu sidebar:

But there is no such thing on my install, as far as I can tell.

Could we please get those features too? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

If you’ve white-labeled the app I believe both of these are removed.

I see… I am indeed white labeled. Instead of removing the features completely, it would be nice to have the option to customize them (replace the IN logo by the company logo, add images, choose/customize social links, etc.).

Right now it appears as if the white labeled design of the client portal is a bit incomplete - that makes sense if it’s just a stripped down version of the default design.

Thanks for the feedback!

cc @david @ben

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