Client Portal Not working on fresh clone

Having some issues when I clone down a fresh invoiceninja and try to set it up.
I followed these steps:

git clone GitHub - invoiceninja/invoiceninja: Invoices, Expenses and Tasks built with Laravel, Flutter and React
git checkout v5-stable
cp .env.example .env ( configured to point to my local database)
git fsck --full
git repack -a -d
composer i -o
php artisan key:generate
php artisan migrate:fresh --seed && php artisan db:seed && php artisan ninja:create-test-data
npm install

next I try to create the mix files for the laraval blades for the client portal, but get hit with this error. I tried to even remove the tailwind configs and even change it to colors.gray.500 which I know exist in the config files … but same error.

Anything I need to do to make it read the tailwind colors?


Is there a reason you’re using the code from GitHub?

In general we recommend Docker, if you’d prefer not use Docker we provide a release zip which should work out of the box.

As a developer I want to run the codebase locally.

You can run the codebase locally using the release zip.