Client portal not showing any payment methods

I added gocardless as online payment method and then sent test invoice to test user and then went to the user’s client portal but payments methods page is not showing any payment methods or any way to add them. Then I added new custom online payment method and now user’s client portal shows “add payment method” button with the option “Credit Card” and clicking it leads to empty white page.

When I added GoCardless as online payment method, I setup a read write access token in GoCardless webpage and a webhook endpoint. The webhook works when tested from GoCardless developer page.

Self hosted v5.3.95 Invoice Ninja, Debian PHP 7.4 fpm. First time trying Invoice Ninja. Everything else seemed to work expect payments. I didn’t find any step by step guides on how to enable online payment methods either.


Are there any errors in the browser console on the white page?

@david do you have any thoughts?

Server log says: “GET /client/payment_methods/create?method=1 HTTP/2.0” 200
Firefox browser console says “error: sendRemoveListener on closed conduit.” But this error seems to happen also when browsing working pages in the client portal.

Are there any related errors in storage/logs or the web server error logs?

No errors in either. I should add that that I think the real problem is gocardless not showing up as a payment method. The custom payment method I added was “Test payment gateway” with the text “Hello test” and when I click on limits/fees it says “No payment types enabled”. Not sure why adding that enabled “Credit Card” add payment method button in the client portal.

Seems like it could be a bug.

cc @david


Can you confirm you have configured a country for your clients? Gocardless is sensitve to the client location and will only display payment method available to a clients locale.

Just to note, from the description it seems the behavior of Gocardless in the portal changed when a custom gateway was added. I wouldn’t expect that.

I tried inputting test client’s country in company details and language is localization and some other details, and re-creating the invoice but it didn’t enable payment method in the client portal. I will probably try adding some other payment provider next which will take some days.


Just to confirm, you have turned on the payment methods you wish to support?

I definitely enabled those sliders.

When I added custom payment provider then add payment method button appeared in the last image, which then lead to empty white page. Also, then it showed Credit Card as the only payment method and not SEPA Direct Debit.


this looks like a bug, i’ll add this to my backlog.