Client Portal not accessible

I have enabled the client portal but am unable to access it. There is no ‘View as recipient’ link on the invoice page. I was able to access it during my trial period but now that I have upgraded to a pro account it is not there.

Any chance you’ve changed the email address associated with the account? If your email address needs to be confirmed you’ll see a resend confirmation button on the following page.

If not, there should also be a link to the client portal on the client page under the contact details.

That was the issue.

Is it possible for me get a client portal link which I can send to the client myself? The URL when I click ‘view as recipient’ is not unique and I would like to be able to share a URL without emailing an invoice.


The ‘View as recipient’ should be unique for the contact\invoice.

You can also right click the ‘Client Portal’ link on the view client page and select ‘Copy link address’.