Client Portal No Pay Button


After migrating to v5 two weeks ago or so, I was notified via a client that my invoices no longer have a “pay” or “pay now” button when viewing the pdf via the client portal. I have double-checked to make sure that my payment gateway (Paypal) was setup and it is. Also, if I go to the invoices page as a client, in the client portal, it shows a “pay now” there, it takes me to a payment page listing the total amount owed, date of payment, date of invoice being sent etc… but also does not have any way on that page to make a payment. Please advise!

Thank you


Is the invoice marked as sent, it may explain it.

It is indeed marked as sent. I set myself up as a client when I tested and generated an invoice for myself, sent it via email, viewed it in customer portal and it was the same as stated in the first post.

@david do you have any suggestions?

In the payment gateway settings / Fees and limits make sure there is nothing there that could block the gateway from appears (min/max set)

Yeah, it was the Min/Max, my apologies. Thank you for your help!