Client portal {"message":"You are not authorized to view or perform this action"}


I have been testing the client portal and seems like everything works except for one thing.
When i try to view a quote i get the following page with this message:

{“message”:“You are not authorized to view or perform this action”}

Thank you

I also encountered that problem. Are you using Cloudlinux? If so you need to change your PHP version to an “ea” (cPanel) variation, and not the “alt” (Cloudlinux) version.
After that clear your installation’s cache.
I also recall encountering a blank screen (error 500) when clicking on a quote. But I don’t remember how I fixed that…

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No. I’m running Ubuntu with cPanel.
The php version i dont know what it is.
I’m going to check it out and see what I can find.


My PHP is EA-PHP74.
Is there a way to check if my permission are correct or .htaccess is correct.
I’m really stuck and could use the help


@david @ben any thoughts?


Can you confirm your APP_URL does not have a trailing slash /

Just checked, no trailing slash.
Is there a debug we can activate that will tell us what it is exactly that is not authorized?
Is it related to a database reading or is it file related.

I’m sorry with the questions, but I went online 3 days ago and I really want to fix it.
Thanks for the help.


Are you running the app in a subdirectory?

ie, is your full path


I create a subdomain which
When I open the url, it becomes


Is there a debug mode that can be activated to see what causes that message to appear ?

I think this has to do with cookies (even in incognito window). The server thinks you are a different user and hence not allowed to view the record. After I closed all my incognito windows and reopened, then the error is gone.
Notice V5 now requests passwords of everyone, unless you get a direct link (appears on URL field briefly.
I don’t know if this helps.


I tried that a few times. Even from another system that I never use for invoice ninja with the url sent from the email.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work and am still stuck.
It would interesting to have a debug output or something to see exactly what is wrong.

Thanks for the suggestion.