Client Portal Login Changes

Good Day

I recently got a White label license. With this the Invoice Ninja logo was removed from everything and my Company logo is displaying. What I would like to do now is

  1. To change the Client Portal login page to look the same as the Invoice ninja page (The Login section on the right and a image on the left) How will I be able to create something similar?
  2. Is there any documentations or Guides on how to customize the client portal?



@david can you please advise?


You can update the css/js from within the app in Settings > Client Portal

Beyond overriding the CSS customizations would be pretty tricky to maintain going forward as the app changes / improves.

We haven’t decoupled the themes away sufficiently to allow full blown customization of this part of the application.

I understand. I definitely need to start learning css XD
Any advice/recommendations on what I can possibly try changing to make the login screen look like the standard Invoice Ninja login page?