Client portal links and pdfs no longer working

My Invoice Ninja just updated a couple of days ago. Things seemed to be working fine until I woke up this morning to an email from a client that they clicked on their invoice link and it would just spin and spin and never load the invoice. I tested it from my end and I’ve spent literally all day troubleshooting this to see what could be wrong, but I just can’t seem to get it working.

I can view my dashboard and I can create and save an invoice, but anything related to PDF viewing or generation doesn’t work. In addition, the client portal links don’t work and I get 504 gateway errors.

When I try to prepare an invoice to send from the Mac app, it also generates a 504 error, and then behind that there is a 404 route error.

As I said, everything has been working great until today. I will mention that when I first did a health check this morning, it said I needed to be using snappdf for PDF generation. In the .env file I did see it was set to hosted_ninja. I did try setting it to snappdf, Invoice Ninja recognized it in the health check, I tried the portal links or PDF viewing but it didn’t work. Tried to go back to hosted_ninja. Still didn’t work and I got that error about it needing to be snappdf again so I reenabled that. Anyway…

Here are the contents of my laravel.log file for the last several hours.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Quick update: After all day — and out of desperation — I tried deleting my company l logo from the settings and lo and behold, now the pdf and client portal links work!

I wondered if maybe the file was the wrong size or too large so I tried again with a 300x300 image, 25kb, and it apparently broke the PDF and client portal functions again.

So I have no idea what this means. Everything has been working great until today (well, I guess technically yesterday since it’s now after midnight).