Client Portal Dashboard Missing after update to v5.8.39

Hello Everyone,
The Client portal dashboard that was added in v5.8.38 is not showing after update to v5.8.39, using Sotaculous.



@david any ideas?

Not just, not working… missing in my docker images, and Client Portal is enabled in company settings.


This should be resolved now in the latest release

Just a quick note that v5.8.43 is available now on Softaculous, but this version does not resolve the missing Client Dashboard issue.


Is it enabled in the settings but not showing, or do you not see the option in the settings?

The setting should be available in the React app and will be added to the Flutter app later this week.

Hello, The client portal is enabled, here is what I see:

If you change to the React app you’ll see a separate option for the client portal dashboard.

Hi, after reading, it seems there is a React Icon to enable the React app?

I cannot seem to find this.


The option is at the top of the dashboard in the Flutter web app.

Hi Hillel, I click on change to react app button and now show this message: 404 | Nothing to see here!

im on softaculous using 5.8.46 but now I can’t access to the system

thanks in advance!

You can run this SQL query to change back:

UPDATE accounts SET set_react_as_default_ap = 0;

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Thanks bro! I now have access again, Question, because the react button doesn’t work for me, can I manually change some option within a file? like .env or some other, to be able to view the dashboard in the client portal

thanks again for the quick response!

We don’t recommend making manual changes to the database, this will be included with the next version of the Flutter app.

Ok, thank you very much, I will stay tuned for the next releases

I also still get a 404 trying to go to the React app, the query doesn’t change anything for me also, waiting for flutter app) for now staying on 5.8.38 which works fine until then)