Client portal bypass link

i have client portal enabled, but none of my clients login and use directly instead when i generate a invoice and want a client to pay it, i get the URL from invoice → contacts “copy link” button on the flutter UI. which looks like this

when they click it they can access their portal without login, and see their invoices.

2 questions

  1. is there a way to get a url like this, that bypasses login requirments, so they can see all past invoices (yes i know they can click invoices, but i would rather a link go directly to invoices)

  2. Where is the “copy link” button for the invoice, on the react ui?

Simply send an email to the customer through Invoice Ninja… the link is directly included, and you’ll also receive a notification when the customer has viewed your invoice.

hi thank you - but . “simply send an email” from what, an invoice? if so, that is not what i am trying to do. I want to send them a url to their “invoices” (plural) so they can see them all. and i want a url i can copy and paste so i can write the email directly.

You may want to try copying the client portal link from the client rather than the invoice.

No problem, I think I better go to bed :laugh: I overlooked the plural. In that case, you should copy the link from the customer with the key. I’m not aware of a button that allows that.

thats the problem, on the client detail screen, there is no COPY for the client portal url…, just a button that says “client portal” that when clicked opens the portal. That button is not

a) a real url that i can right click copy url into my clipboard
b) a url that i can visit and copy the url from the browser

We need a copy button on the client detail

The copy option is next to the contact, each contact has their own link.

AH you are right. thank you.
i was looking in the top bar, and not in the “contacts” section.

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